Sunday, 26 April 2015

Suspicious Minds, 12 August 1970, Midnight Show

This is the very version of Suspicious Minds used in the original 1970 TTWII but not the re-edited version from 2001 and was filmed at the legendary 12 August Midnight Show.
Written by Mark James and recorded at American Studios in Memphis on January 23, 1969 Elvis immediately included it in his setlist on his return to live performances on July 31st 1969
The song itself would evolve in the Elvis Presley live show and it would become mariginally faster with each Vegas engagement, in fact the tempo even increased during the 1969 engagement . It would become a permanant fixture in the show in every tour and Vegas or Tahoe engagement until mid 74 and the end of Tour 13 in Salt Lake City on July 2nd. The exception would be at the Jan/Feb 71 Vegas engagement where it would be sang at only 8 of the 57 shows. After the Salt Lake City show on 2 July 74 Elvis would sing it only a further five times - at the Midnight shows on 22, 29 and 30 August 74 and on the first two shows of the abandoned August 75 Vegas engagement.
There was almost a final outing for one his most famous songs in LIncoln, Nebraska on 20 June 1977 although to be perfectly accurate after performing 'Help Me' Elvis says 'Suspicious Minds?' in response to a fans request and the band begins the intro but Elvis then remarks that instead 'he will be doing a new song' which would be himself on the piano singing 'Unchained Melody'! This concert, incidentally, was bookended by the two shows which would be filmed by CBS for 'Elvis In Concert'.
The video comes from the unofficial box set "Elvis - That's The Way It Is, the Complete Works" and the audio from the magnificent SONY "That's The Way It Is" deluxe edition. So turn your volume up loud, sit back and enjoy Elvis at his very best!

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