Friday, 24 April 2015

First Live perfromance of Burning Love

It is a common misconception that the first live perfromance of 'Burning Love' was in San Antonio, Texas on 18 April 1972, the one shown in the movie Elvis On Tour. The fact is however, that the first live performance took place four nights earlier in Greensboro, North Carolina, also a show filmed for 'On Tour' and was sung directly after the version of American Trilogy used in the movie.
The studio master was recorded just over a fortnight earlier on 28 March at RCA's Studio C in Hollywood, California. After those two performances in April, Elvis would not sing the song live again until 18 August Dinner Show in Vegas and then not again until 8 November during the first show of Tour #7 in Lubbock, Texas and out of the 11 shows on that tour it would be sung at all but two including the final three at the H.I.C. in Honolulu.
Elvis' next two live performances would also be at the H.I.C. in Honolulu eight weeks later - Aloha from Hawaii on 12 and 14 January and Burning Love would also be performed but apart from three shows in Vegas later in January it would be dropped completely for more than two years.
During Elvis' first show of 1975, the opening Vegas show on 18 March it would reappear and become almost a permanent fixture throughout that year but in 76 it would come and go on a show by show basis before it's final appearance in Fort Wayne as the show's penultimate number on 25 October.
As yet this show has not been officially released on CD but the original MGM audio has been replaced by that from an excellent soundboard recording of the show titled 'Blue Owl In Greensboro'.

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