Saturday, 25 April 2015

This Is The Story - 26 August 1969 Midnight Show

Only the second song that Elvis recorded during those landmark recording sessions at American Sound Studios in Memphis in 1969.
This rare live recording first appeared on the 1991 RCA/BMG box set Collectors Gold. In 2005 FTD released the entire 26 August 1969 Midnight Show from which this song was performed and put the song into it's proper context. This is also the show which produced the now legendary laughing version of Are You Lonesome Tonight,
26 August 1969 was a strange night as far as the setlist was concerned as the two shows also produced the only live performances of Rubberneckin' and Inherit The Wind especially since August 69 probably had the most rigid setlist that Elvis would employ with rarities at a premium.
Considering this was Elvis' first live performance in eight and a half years this was understandable with band and singers all new, a tight setlist keeps any problems with unfamiliarity at a minimum and creates a comfort zone.
As Elvis' confidence increased the rarities appeared, this track was performed a full four weeks into the engagement.
The actual reason for performing this 'Memphis trio' was actually for inclusion in what would become 'Elvis In Person' a fact Elvis tells the audience before singing Inherit The Wind at the Dinner Show, odd therefore that all three were ommited from the album and were only officially released 24 years later!

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